Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Flooring in the Powder Room

Hi All!  It has really, really, really been hard to even read my favorite blogs let alone create a blog post since work started up again about 10 weeks ago!  I just cannot seem to get it all done!
Anyway, I thought I would do a short post on our new powder room flooring.  I was a bit bummed to say the least, but the Allure flooring that we had put in this room over the summer did not work (here is my original post on the powder room!).  The product began separating at the edges and was not adhering well to the subfloor.  Fortunately, the Home Depot gave me a complete refund for the product.  I really loved the look of the floor, very much, but it was obviously not a good choice in the end in terms of durability.
So then I had the dilemma of choosing a new flooring.  I had great difficulty deciding and after much noodling, decided to go with slate.  The main reason is that this bathroom attaches to our laundry area and entrance into the house from the garage....thus the entire area needs something practical.  So slate it is!
Here is a quick look: 

It is a tough space to photograph, but here is an idea....

The color is a pretty gray, but it is versatile so I can simply change out accessories depending on my mood and the seasons.  I think the bathroom will look festive with a red rug and some Christmas paperwhites soon, no?
For anyone still with me here, thank you for tuning in!  I am in a season of life that requires money to be made and that does not leave time for design projects or even design inspiration, but I am looking forward to decorating the house for Christmas and especially for having my eldest son home from college soon!

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  1. Working and blogging is a hard combination. Tune in when you can. Love the new floor. Hugs, marty


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