Thursday, December 27, 2012

My best home improvement projects of 2012!

Hi Friends!
Back in January, I made a modest list of PERSONAL GOALS (which I made only limited progress on) as well as a list of HOME GOALS (which I made good progress on thanks to much help from a talented and budget-minded contractor). 
Here are my best home improvement projects of 2012!  (Click on any of the CAPITALIZED links for further info on each project).
1.  My best and favorite home improvement was our MASTER BATHROOM RENOVATION pictured below:
2.  We also worked on our MASTER BEDROOM, pictured below:
3.  We added bead board, new moldings, and slate flooring to our POWDER ROOM  and laundry area...
4.  We improved our HALL BATHROOM, used by our boys:
5.  Barring a complete re-do (for which I do have a plan!), we PAINTED OUR FIREPLACE, below:
6.  I also worked toward a greener, simpler, and MORE ZERO WASTE (at least less wasteful) kitchen:
7.  One item that really was not on my initial list was to REDESIGN TEENAGE SON'S ROOM.  This was a fun project that tested my creativity in designing a desk that would work for this artsy boy:
In looking over my 2012 home goals, I realize that I did not repaint the insides of the front door, but I did get a lot of the other little things done, like repainting the interior of our kitchen cabinets, getting new bed skirts for two of our beds...
as well as remaking a little BAR CART, pictured below:
I would love some feedback on any of these projects!  Sadly, I do not see nearly this kind of productivity and remodeling for 2013, but I will be thinking on what else I need to do that is budget-friendly while our eldest finishes his first year of college.  :)
Thanks, as always, for viewing!  :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Tub :)

I think out of all the home improvement projects I have tackled, the master bathroom bath is by far my favorite.  I especially love the tub, which contrasts so nicely with the dark floor.  I told my husband just the other day that I am so happy that I followed my instincts in designing this room, but the truth is that I waited so long to get started that there was no way my brain could wrap itself around anything BUT a dark floor and white cabinetry.  :)
Here is how the tub area looked when we finished the project earlier this year:
And here it is for another 2 weeks, all decked for Christmas:
I am definitely getting ready to unwind here, after a busy and stressful few months!
Here are a few little details below:




Hope ya'll have a relaxing weekend!  :D

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Signs of Christmas 2012

My gosh but I'm late to every party this year, it seems.  The term "working mother" just does not do it justice, particularly with a job that drains me of absolutely all I seem to have right now.  The tragedy of Friday also hit me hard, especially as a fellow school psychologist was shot in the line of fire...but mostly for those poor parents and surviving school personnel.
But here I am now.  Christmas (yes, I will speak that beautiful word, thank you) is upon us, my older son is home from college and in another two days I shall bake cookies.
Here are a few humble (and never new, I might add) Christmas decorations  around my house.  Far from the over-achieving and breath-taking blogs I now only occasionally visit, I continue to decorate for Christmas in my own little ways that seem to bring comfort to my family. 
Our tree continues to be decked with a homemade skirt from my  mom and cheetah ribbon joyfully given to me by my friend Brenda years ago.

A basket once on sale from Ballard Designs holds Christmas wrapping ready to be used.

I like to recycle bows from gifts and tie them to my existing plants to add a festive twist.  Simple and free.  :)

 Stockings hung by the chimney with care  ;)


Thanks for visiting.  I realize I am posting so very little now, and hope to have more time for blogging in 2013.  :)
Have a wonderful Christmas for those of you who celebrate it!

 linking: here and here and to the nester.  :)
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