Sunday, January 6, 2013

A coffee and tea bar

There is something downright SUBLIME to me about clusters of similar objects grouped so for a special purpose.  I think that this is why I finally succumbed to getting a bar cart even though I am really not much of a drinker at all!  Sometimes I've felt myself a virtual throwback to the 1950s and 1960s, and I recall asking my husband if we could get "one of those martini carts that you see in old movies" when we were first married (he found this funny and when I came home with said cart from the Long Beach Antiques Flea Market 25 years later all he could do was  to laugh and say "wow, it's finally here!).
So what with our very cold and rainy winter thus far, I decided to corral my coffee and tea supplies so that anyone can easily make a hot drink.  Thanks to our Japanese water heater, using one of our French presses or making tea is very easy.  And the kids sometimes like to make instant hot chocolate when they are cold.  This is a nice little bit of hospitality for my family and any friends that might be over.
I looked around for a tray that would accommodate the items I wanted on this coffee and tea bar, but most of the large trays were either very expensive or would not stand up to water being spilled upon them.
Finally I found this lacquered tray for a steal and thought it would be a fun addition to our kitchen.
Since I live with three males, my decorating must wax masculine lest they rebel!
Included on the cart is a Zojirushi Water Heater, milk frother, tea glass with infuser, packets of Stevia, a large Bodum French Press, and two canisters of loose tea (one Green, one herbal). Coffee mugs are stored in the cabinet above and we always store our coffee in the fridge.
Stay warm, my friends!  :)

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  1. That's a great and welcoming idea! I'm never seen one of those water heaters but I'm going to look them up now.


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