Thursday, January 3, 2013

Show and Tell: New Lamp for our Living Room

Just a little something that I picked up recently!  The lamp makes a nice addition to our living room, and the more I look at it the more I wish I had purchased two of them!
After Christmas, I was so eager to have our space look quieter.  I had all the decorations put away well before New Year's Eve and rearranged the living room furniture for a nice change.  Looking at the space with fresh eyes is always helpful and I could clearly see that a more interesting lamp was needed. 
I moved the former lamp to our family room so it is still getting a good workout.  :)

Happy weekend!  I am back to work as of Monday and plan to tackle 2013 with as much peace and joy as possible!  I have wholeheartedly embraced our winter break.  We've had unusually cold weather for SoCal and I have enjoyed wearing winter clothes, wool socks, and reading by the fireplace.  I have also managed to sleep 9 hours most nights and see what a tremendous improvement it has made in me!   :)
Romantic Home


  1. That is a beautiful lamp and it looks really great in your room! I also LOVE that photo in the header.... reminds me of my favorite places on the West Caost! Love vacationing in Oregon.

    1. Thanks! The photo in the header is of Carmel Beach in NorCal, one of my favorite areas on the earth! :D


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