Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Humble Superbowl Spread

Hello Friends!  We had a very small crowd this year for our Superbowl watching, what with our college son (who usually eats a lot of Superbowl snacks) gone for his second semester.  Here is our little spread from last year.
I was a little under the weather the two days leading up to the Superbowl so the idea of shopping for food let alone cooking was just not appealing in the least.  However, I wanted to have a little something for the two men left (hubby and younger son).  So on Sunday just before the game, I looked around the fridge and cupboards for some inspiration (still did NOT want to go to grocery store), and gathered cheese, crackers, pickles, some celery and three lonesome veggie eggrolls from our freezer. 
I also needed a "dip" of sorts, so I combined two cans of tuna with some relish, lots of finely diced onion and celery and mayo to serve with flatbread crackers that had been in the pantry and had gone (shockingly) unopened. 
I made the tuna salad a bit more creamy than usual as a dip.  It was a huge hit!  Cooked up the eggrolls until they were crispy and then cut each in half and served with a mustard on the side. 
They thought it was great....little did they know that nothing was planned!  :)  This was "work with what you've got!" all over again and I am glad they enjoyed it.  


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