Saturday, March 30, 2013

On Wastefulness and Trash: A confession

Hi Friends.
I seriously strive to reduce my carbon footprint.  And most of the time, I am pretty darn good.  Here are some ways I manage to do this:  (please click HERE).  As you can see, I utilize a CSA program, shop bulk whenever possible, compost, avoid single use plastic like the plague, reuse everything I can, ditch disposables as much as possible, and even drive a Prius.  I eat mostly vegetarian, use cloth napkins and am practically offended when someone quickly bags my items into a plastic bag before seeing my shopping totes.
But from time to time, I falter.  Here is one clear example of utter failure from a zero waste point of view:
This is my younger son's Easter basket which he will receive tomorrow.  He is only home for 2 more years and thus I indulged myself. 
The funny thing is that I grabbed all of the contents of said basket on auto-pilot while at Target (I try to avoid Target) on my far-too-short lunch half-hour from work.
Included is a monstrous mix of mylar wrapping, plastic bottled hygiene products, single use face-wash wipes, and two decent mechanical pencils packaged obnoxiously.  I realize that some of this material can be recycled, but the truth is that we all need to significantly reduce the amounts we are recycling as well.  If you are not sure as to the "why" of this, please do some research. 
We will ignore the fact for the present that the candy is unhealthy and the jelly beans are likely dyed with who-knows-what,  okay?  This post is about my wastefulness for now.  ;)

At least the wooden basket has been used since my son was a baby, as well as the green plastic grass inside which you cannot see!
College son received a simple recyclable card with a $20 bill inside which was mailed to him.  Much better.
Next year, should I choose to indulge myself again in providing a basket for our younger son, it will be filled with bulk candy and nothing in a plastic container.  That is my promise. 
I think the purpose of this post is just to remind myself and anyone else out there how easy it is to give into the "norm" and excesses of holidays.  The fact that I enjoy filling an Easter basket is part of tradition and family love.  It is important that traditions continue while I continue working on a greener life.
For more posts on my struggles and triumphs with Greener Living, please click on any of my GREENER LIVING posts.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The beautiful North Coast

Hello!  I have really neglected this little blog.  I feel I am in a personal battle with the clock every day of my life this year.  Does anyone out there relate?
Last weekend I took some time out to visit my college boy.  We walked miles and miles each day, talked, had some delicious meals together, and watched movies.  My idea of bliss, it was just what was needed. 
The scenery is simply breathtaking where he currently lives, so I thought I would share just a smattering of my many photos taken.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

A special corner

When I am sitting/laying in bed, this is my little view if I am not looking out the window...
I bought the large hand-painted jewelry armoire in Pacific Grove, Ca (one of our potential future living destinations) years ago on a whim and I really have loved it.  It has so many compartments for my costume jewelry and I keep two swimsuits and other clothing odds and ends in the lower drawers since I don't have THAT much jewelry.  :)
The sides expand out to hold necklaces, and the top opens up and has a mirror, ring slots, etc.

Next to the armoire are two framed photos that I took of the beach where my older son's college is.  I had them enlarged and put them in simple black frames with cream matting.
The photos remind me of him and make me feel peaceful all at the same time.

I know my photos are not great in this post....I was having a camera issue but younger son has fixed it so from here on out they should be better.
Over Christmas, we also got new lamps for the bedroom which have made a big difference.  Check them out below:
I used the existing lampshades and love the ginger jar bases of these lamps, which also blend with the room's feel better than the old pair did.
Hope winter is almost over for anyone reading!  :)  We are definitely seeing major signs of spring...and summer will follow in a heartbeat surely.

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