Thursday, March 28, 2013

The beautiful North Coast

Hello!  I have really neglected this little blog.  I feel I am in a personal battle with the clock every day of my life this year.  Does anyone out there relate?
Last weekend I took some time out to visit my college boy.  We walked miles and miles each day, talked, had some delicious meals together, and watched movies.  My idea of bliss, it was just what was needed. 
The scenery is simply breathtaking where he currently lives, so I thought I would share just a smattering of my many photos taken.



  1. That last one is so beautiful.

  2. delightful photos, thanks for sharing the pretty views

  3. This is so lovely. Where is it?

  4. Most of these photos are from a tiny town called Trinidad in far northern California, not terribly far from the Oregon border. It seems like an amazing secret that no one knows's just stunning.

  5. Looks like Eden to me - where is it?
    Sounds like a perfect getaway:)
    Have a great weekend ( visiting from My Romantic Home )

  6. I wondered if it was in Oregon because of the big rocks. I love the entire coast of California.


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