Thursday, May 23, 2013

Orange is a Jealous Color

Orange is truly a jealous color.
It needs balance.
It does not like competition.
Below is my new garden stool.
I have been coveting porcelain garden benches for about 20 years now, but had not yet indulged myself until this week.
This one was a bargain (some can be extremely pricey and in upwards of 300 dollars!)
I like using bright red and orange in our tiny backyard, because it pairs so well with all the greenery and adds a punch of color.  To see orange and red in the tiny yard from a previous summer please click HERE.

I could use a few new pillows (the bike pillow is a fairly recent addition, however, thanks to ONE KINGS LANE.). 

I will be donating some of my old pillows and cushions and adding new ones as I find them.
Not to rush.  :)

The rose above is from a very old bush in our yard that I am guessing is about 30 years old!  It's my favorite of all our roses-super old fashioned.


  1. Beautiful! I love the was my mom's favorite color!

  2. This fits just where you put it. Lovely.


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