Thursday, May 9, 2013


(on the antique entry table)

Hello!  I know it's been a while.  So busy with work and family...trying to coordinate my college boy's summer plans with the rest of the family's and all the while working on college plans for our next child.  It's been good, all good, but has not left me with much time for creative projects (which I do love!).
Today I thought I would share some images of orchids around the house.  Many are pretty spent and will need to go into hibernation mode soon, including the plants above and below this text.  Still, they are pretty and brighten up any room.

(on the piano in the living room)

(on the cocktail table in the living room)

 (in the kitchen)
(this is my newest plant and it is just stunning right now)

(on the fireplace mantle...this one is rather spent and I will be removing it soon)
(a non-blooming orchid in the living room atop a stack of French-themed books.  I still think the leaves are pretty and the plant still adds a touch of greenery in a gold urn here)
I will be honest...I used to be a bit intimidated by orchids and avoided them for the house.  However, I have found that they are easy to care for, often bloom for 3 months or more, and add a dramatic touch to a room.  I rarely buy cut flowers anymore....I either enjoy the orchids, the topiaries throughout the house, or I fill vases with cut roses from our TINY BACKYARD.   I find that this saves me money and it just feels more natural right now.
Did you know that orchids symbolize love and beauty?  How can you go wrong with that combo?

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