Tuesday, October 22, 2013


A little cooler on the weather, long walks each evening, and a few fun events and decorations....
Photo: The path home from a 5 mile walk.  Pretty day!
(the bike path near our home)
(I repainted the small bench with chalkboard paint and decided to pain a small pumpkin the same)

(sweet watercolor print that I won at a silent auction honoring Japanese-American WWII veterans)
Photo: Rich and I are at a benefit for Japanese American veterans of WWII!!!
(The Westin Hotel, Los Angeles, where the fundraiser was held)
(funny photo from a friend)

My husband and I have been invited to a costume party this coming weekend.  We plan to go as Tacky Tourists....I will post a picture if I am not too embarrassed to!


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    1. My living room does not need an overhaul! I might be able to help you with yours, though!


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