Friday, November 8, 2013

Early November...and still Orange!

Hello there! 
I realize that after Halloween time, many people opt to use their pumpkins for baking or seed-roasting.  Or perhaps they just trash them.  I prefer to hang on to them.
Now that the kids are older (17 and 20) we typically do not carve our pumpkins.   Instead, I leave them by the front door and in the house for my November "decorations."  If they are not carved, pumpkins can last for several months without spoiling.  Once December arrives, we compost them, often exchanging them for pretty Poinsettias.  :)
pretty mums tie all of the orange together...
The older (and hopefully wiser) I get, the less I really care about how "proper" or "amazing" my décor is.  Instead of adding my usual orchid to this silver trophy ice bucket, I just plopped one of the pumpkins in as a sort of "topiary."  ;)  It is unexpected and I like that.

...and the winner!
I did a similar "plop" for my dining room table "centerpiece."  I like how the orange ties in with the blue and white platter underneath.  I don't really care that the pot and platter are unusual friends (see what I mean?!).

In preparation for my next someday (beach) house, I am finding myself morphing away from all the reds and greens I have been comfortable with for so long and slowly replacing them with more blue.  I have been pinning ideas for this NEXT HOUSE (click HERE! to see them...I think the look is awesome!).  The idea is, white, and blue, with a bit of an elegant "beach-y" vibe.   

I am slowly morphing to more blue in the is a mishmash of color and style, yet I still think it works!).


Our mantle from late September will stay the same....
Our front door décor typically stays the same for 2 months....then I get to change it up for Christmas!


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  1. that´s some lovley colour :)
    and do not miss..


    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)


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