Monday, November 11, 2013

The Wisdom of Balanced Eating

Quick phone picture of my breakfast set up yesterday morning!
Yesterday I found myself alone in the house on a cozy Sunday morning.  My husband had taken our youngest son rock climbing in Joshua Tree, and, having already attended church Saturday evening, I spent a lazy morning drinking coffee and puttering around the house before doing some gardening.

I have a longstanding history of dieting.  Never happy with my body, I have starved it, run it into the ground with exercise, and tried any supplement I could come across to slim it down.  My bookshelves have seen every diet book known to man, and I have tried nearly every program out there. 

In a nutshell, I am DONE.  I am not dieting, not counting calories, and no longer running marathons.  An odd thing has taken over me and it appears to be the voice of WISDOM.  I have thrown away the idea of a lovely number on the scale in favor of REASON.  Eating this way means eating God-made foods, eating reasonable portions, and eating a balance.  I am actually eating real butter, real mayo, and real chocolate (formerly forbidden foods) now and saying "no" to artificial sweeteners, packaged foods, skipping meals, and calorie counting.  My favorite exercise now is simply walking.  The countless hours spent in a gym are all behind me.

Have I lost weight eating and exercising this way?  No.  Maybe I will over time, maybe not.  But listening to this inner wisdom has been incredibly freeing.  In my case, a God-send.


  1. You go girl! You body will figure out where it should be when it is treated with respect. Very wise indeed.

  2. love this so much!!!
    i am with you sister....
    have you read any of geneen roth's books? i feel like she saved me...


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