Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Best Kale Chips

Hi Friends.  I have posted kale recipes in the past, but I am updating this one now because I think I have improved it a bit.  :)
Nearly each CSA box we receive from Tanaka Farms contains a bunch of curly kale.  For a while, I used the kale in salads, and I often add the kale to soups or smoothies. 
I tried making kale chips but they would only turn out amazing once in a while. However, I have made a few tweaks to my technique, and hopefully someone reading this lonely little blog will try these kale chips.
First rip the kale off of the stems (compost the stems) and tear into small pieces.  Wash and dry, then spread the kale out onto baking sheets like so:

I usually need two baking sheets for one bunch of kale.  It is important that the leaves do not touch or overlap too much.
Next, pour some EVOO onto the leaves and massage into the leaves with your hands.  Sometimes I add the EVOO onto my clean hands and then massage the leaves.
Sprinkle lightly with sea salt.
NOTE!  My biggest tweaks to improving kale chips include spreading them out into two batches, adding MORE EVOO than I had been, using LESS sea salt than I had been, and baking them a bit longer.  I think I was trying to save calories by using less oil and more salt, when in fact they are superior if I use more oil and less salt.  Too salty=ICK.

Put the prepared kale into the oven at about 250.  I usually need about 35-40 minutes for the kale to end up as I like.  Stir halfway through to spread the leaves out as they start shrinking.

Final step:  EAT. 
We usually eat a lot of salad, but once the fall and winter months are upon us, I find that I no longer crave salad.  One of the best ways to get healthy leafy greens in is to use a recipe like this one or to add them to veggie soups, a favorite for me.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


A little cooler on the weather, long walks each evening, and a few fun events and decorations....
Photo: The path home from a 5 mile walk.  Pretty day!
(the bike path near our home)
(I repainted the small bench with chalkboard paint and decided to pain a small pumpkin the same)

(sweet watercolor print that I won at a silent auction honoring Japanese-American WWII veterans)
Photo: Rich and I are at a benefit for Japanese American veterans of WWII!!!
(The Westin Hotel, Los Angeles, where the fundraiser was held)
(funny photo from a friend)

My husband and I have been invited to a costume party this coming weekend.  We plan to go as Tacky Tourists....I will post a picture if I am not too embarrassed to!

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