Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Living Room Changes and a Happy Addition

Here is the BEFORE:

And here is the AFTER:

I am awaiting a lovely new print that will either go above the piano or above the console in the dining area.

Pretty happy with it for now.  My goal was to get the red out!!!!  I obviously love red, but we had been living with an awful lot of it for many, many years.  Now the living room feels more serene and peaceful.

And here is our biggest news!  A week ago we rescued a fabulous 9 year old Golden!  We are just loving her.  Here she is:

Photo: Diamond has found her furever home! Priceless!!!!

Her name is Diamond, but I have already nicknamed her "Lady Di."  She is a bundle of sweetness and we couldn't be happier.  :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. God bless you for adopting an older dog! It's so hard for them to find a loving home and she won the lottery with you. Love the changes to the living room.

  2. Hello Steph. I came about your blog in a round about way...About a week ago I discovered the Hooked on Houses blog (which is awesome), and a few days ago, while perusing H o H, Sweet Sunday Mornings was credited, so I went there and have been having a great time reading all of her LOL posts. ANYWAY, the question came to my mind, that as she postulates that her screen caps are meant to inspire us to incorporate these design elements into our own personal living spaces. However, other than lusting and drooling over certain objects and interior/exterior designs, NO ONE mentions the intention to actually utilize, or at any rate, attempt to utilize, any of the illustrated design elements in their own homes. UNTIL, THAT IS, I came across your comment from several years ago, in regard to the black and white color scheme depicted in the Natalie Wood film "Sex and the Single Girl". I too greatly admired the sophisticated, polished elegance of that look. Although it is not a look I personally would utilize in my home (to many antiques), I was still encouraged to hear it said (finally), that someone, (you) would like to incorporate such a look into your bedroom. WHEW! So I have to ask...Did you? How did it turn out? Do you think it would be rude to ask if other people who visit her blog have been inspired to use ideas in their own homes--perhaps show pictures? Mind you, I realize that one would have to be rich in order to duplicate many of the glorious settings depicted in her blog. But therein lies the challenge. How does the average person, of modest means, go about incorporating such looks into their personal spaces? The leaded glass window in your living room for example--BEAUTIFUL! I for one would LOVE to see, or at least hear, what people are actually doing with any of this "inspiration". OR AM I CRAZY? If you have the chance, I would love to hear from you. I will now check out your blog, and some of the others that you subscribe to. (They're addicting! ) Best regards, Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin. Oh, someone who understands!!!! You will think I am entirely obsessed. I watched the movie at least 3 times via Netflix, slowing it down and literally sketching the set design. I could not manage to replicate this look, but it inspired me to study more black and white interiors, which I did. I did morph our bedroom from a red/yellow to a more modern black and white look. Here are a few links for you....the pinterest one is really fun. Thanks for the comments; I rarely blog anymore....mainly post photos for my parents!

    2. OMGosh Stephanie! Did I manage to offend you? I have a knack for doing that! I am so sorry! Here I am, brand new to the whole blog thing, and I really don't know the first thing about blogging etiquette. That is one of the reasons I contacted you to begin with. I asked you if you thought it would be alright to post the question of whether or not any one was inspired enough by Sweet Sunday Mornings blog to actually utilize ideas in their own homes. I was afraid it might be rude to do so. And now I'm afraid I have over stepped my bounds as a guest on your blog. Is it ever appropriate to make comments other than, "Oh, I LOVE what you've done!"? Again, I apologize for saying anything out of line. (And sorry to have to post this message here...but where else could I post it? ) Best wishes, Kevin


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