Saturday, April 5, 2014

Easter Cake

Last weekend my youngest sister and I went to the Long Beach Antique Flea Market.  There was so much to see (I have blogged about this amazing event before, too!).  I ended up purchasing a heavy vintage military type jacket for my younger son (for $15), a pewter Air Force plate for my older son as a gift (for $10) , and a crystal vase (for $5), and my sister purchased a beautiful jacket to wear at Christmastime, a bracelet and a serving platter, all vintage.  While we were on our way out, she spotted two cake pans that she could not seem to leave without.  One is a rabbit pan, and the other a lamb, perfect for Easter.  We decided that we would give them to our niece (who loves to bake and decorate), but I wanted to test out one of them first since we were not sure what to do and there were no instructions!

Here is the final lamb cake:

I dug around online and found a recipe to fit the cake mold as well as the instructions for baking and removing the cake from the pan HERE.

In addition to making the cake using the recipe above from scratch, I made homemade frosting and then applied coconut.  Since this was a practice run, all I had on hand for eyes were chocolate chips, but I think I would prefer small black jellybeans and a pink jellybean for the nose.   I snipped some mint and flowers from the yard to make the cake look a bit more festive.

Looking forward to Easter!  :)  

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